Chapter II

Seeking God Always: Step 2


Seek God’s Kingdom And Wisdom


The Image Is On the Inside of You 

The image is on the inside of you. Each and every person that walks or has walked the face of this earth has been given the ability by God to form images on the canvass of his or her mind. One question you should ask yourself is what type of images am I forming from my past? What type of images am I forming now? One must be careful with the forming of past images they can keep you from moving forward. Form the right type of images NOW! This is a very powerful gift that God has given all of us. Want proof of the gift? Let’s take a look at the book of Genesis 11: 6 (d), (e) and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. The (Imagined to do) means “they purposed.” The descendants of the son of Noah formed an image or images in their mind that they could build the tower of Babel. If you can see it on the inside of the canvass of your mind it can and will become a blueprint to be manifested into this earthly realm. What’s loosed on earth is also loosed in heaven. 

The power of this gift is an untapped ability or authority that very few of us utilize in the right manner. There are unsaved men and women who use what’s in the Bible for their own self-gain; but we as saved believers will not use it in a manner that God desires for us to use it. The majority of the time it is on automatic to create the things that we do not desire to manifest into our lives, and not even be aware of it. Awareness is also a key! 

One must not allow negative images to form on the canvass of his or her mind; one must form positive images. Just think if we decided to use our God given gift; the imagination for the right reasons on purpose! Do you remember when you were a child, and how you could purposely form images on the inside of you, and began to create with action what you were seeing? Can you remember your mom saying; he/she has a vivid imagination? When the descendants of Noah began to create this blueprint from the images formed on the inside of their mind; which caused them to start doing something external so that it could be manifested in the earthly realm. Yes, the LORD confounded their language so that they may not understand one another’s speech, then the LORD scattered them. God saw what was about to take place. Again, can you see how powerful this is? This is not about the confounded language or the scattering of the people; it is about the ability of what they (Imagined to do.) The descendants of Noah had high expectations, and an awesome imagination!

 What are three keys one can apply

1) Form the right images: “…Imagine to do”  

2) Get it on the inside of you: “…allow it to become a blueprint”  

3) The right actions: “…once it is deeply rooted on the inside of the heart and mind, take authentic action by allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you”  

Now that you have the right blueprint created and it is on the inside of you and has become part of your innermost being, it is time to activate the right type of Now Faith; with the written Word of God


Take Authentic Positive Action

Speak It, Believe It, Receive It, Live It


What Images Are You Forming In Your Mind?


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